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I have a big problem here : I want to share a folder on my business network for about 15 users who use a home made software at the same time, but, no matter the number I type in the maximum user box, I can't allow no more than 10 user to access this folder simultaneously. If someone have any idea how to increase this number, maybe in the registry, let me know.
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I don't have a copy of WinXP pro handy - when you are in "New Folders - Sharing " and hit F1-help does it say what the "User Limit - Maximum allowed" maximum is - I assume it is 10?

Here you can find MS powertoys which includes tweakui which might have the tweak you want:

If TweakUI does not do it, you could try one of these:

If you are really brave, you could run regedit and search for the key and change it yourself -- it would probably be found somewhere near: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ Policies\

google is your friend


i am haveing three system of same configuration and operating system windows xp professional ,all are connected in network ,when system boots every thing is fine after some time i cannot access one system in the network through other two system but i can access other two system through this system
could u tell me a solution for this my mail id is

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