MSN Messenger 4.7, "On-line" users appear "Off-line"

This problem has been occurring with all users intermittently during the last few weeks. Occasionally, the display will state "Away" when the user actually is currently available (or
"on-line") and presently using the CPU. These users are not intentionally setting the away or off-line status to appear after a short period of time, which is an option in IM. The MSN IM application itself seems to be having an out of synch problem.

Although you can refresh the other person's display (that is have your user name appear with the correct status) via
signing off/signing on, we really need to know what causes this problem to occur and how can it be permanently fixed. What could we check (settings and/or processes) on our server?

If you know some possible causes and any other fixes it would be greatly appreciated.:rolleyes:

MSN Messenger 4.7, "On-line" users appear "Off-line"

MSN Messenger 4.7 is hideously out-of-date and 100% deprecated--I'm surprised that it even worked for you as late as it did. The current version is 6.1. Get it.

Trick, there is one such trick where u can make u r self offline even if u are in messenger, but this features is in 6.0 only,

how come yours????

online user appearoffline

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