Hello. My computer is infected with a thing called Windows Accelerator Pro. It looks like an antivirus program, but I'm sure it's a virus, because I did not install it and I do not have any other antivirus protection on my PC. I thought I wouldn't need one, but I guess I was wrong. I tried to deal with this thing on my own and I searched for some help in Google. I found several removal guides and I did exactly as they said(mostly I followed those stepshttp://www.xp-vista.com/spyware-removal/windows-accelerator-pro-removal-guide). Now the hard part is to decide which antivirus program to download. They are so many.. how do I choose a good one, that is actually helping? Every removal guide ends with a suggestion, but how to tell if it is a good software? Can anyone recommend something? Thank you.

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Hi, cat.
If you are able to log into windows now without the Windows Accel Pro screen, then running malwarebytes will clean it from your system completely.
http://www.malwarebytes.org/ -the free version will do it. At completion of installation, let it start and update, then do the quick scan. Set it to delete what it finds.
An antivirus may not have protected you from this threat... it's classed as a ransomware/spyware - a trojan. A good firewall would have.... anyway, a good, free AV service is Panda's Cloud AV Free. Rated the best free AV atm. The paid version includes a firewall.
I should add Comodo Free and Avast Free. It's difficult to choose between the three, really. Maybe Panda wins.

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Yes, Panda is actually great.

In addition, i would like to mention that good security is implemented in layers. There is a misconcepcion out there that if you have antivirus software, you are fully proteted. That's not the case.

In addition to your antivirus client, a good security plan will also include...

  • user eduction about malware, social engineering techniques, etc..
  • perimeter firewall
  • content filtering
  • url filtering
  • keeping up with OS and application security patches
  • complex passwords
  • data loss prevention
  • encryption

Unfortunately my system got infected with this fake anti-spyware Windows Accelerator Pro and since then it was causing serious performance issues within, so i had to look for the right tool to remove the same, finally coming across this automatic removal tool made my work all easy and my system is now safe, properly working once again. Hope, this helps any one looking to get rid of this rogue program -


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If you let anyone else use your computer then I suggest one other layer of protection. A great big stick. It won't save you from one infection, but it will likely prevent a repeat infection. I've had great success with this tool :)

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