when i turn my pc on everything loads up fine and normal but when it comes to the screen where there are normaly user accounts there is nothing jus the norma screen! It was working fine last night but i tried to turn it on this mornin that screen had come up!:(:(:( does anyone have any ideas thanks!!!

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i think you might want to reinstall windows it should'nt delete any thing form your hardrive but it may delete your my documents. Apart from that i don't know.

hmm what do you mean by the normal screen? Is it as in the normal windows screen? If it is, you might just have disabled the other accounts. More details would be good.. :)


heey ive got the same kind of thing wrong with mine:(

sorry the normal screen is i mean its a blue windows screen where the logins are usualy shown before accesing my pc its that but without any login acounts i have tried that ctrl + alt and del but nothing comes up for mee soo?

oh ok it means all ur users are corrupted u need to boto up in safe mode ( control + something while windows is laoding) and login as the "Administrator" then recreate the accounts. The files in /documents and seetings/(userx)/my documents are probably still ok you will need to copy theese to the new accounts

im confused i loaded the pc up in safe which u pres f5 for me but it stil loads up thr same screen with no logins still

wierd i think maybe xp is corrupted have u tried hitting control-alt-del twice to bring up the regular windows 2000 style login screen instead of the WELCOME thing and then just logging in through there

yep but nothing comes up when i do it

sorry to have to tell you this but your installation seems to be currupted, youll have to reinstall xp - is there anything in there you need to keep?

oh lol well thanks and no not really few pictures and fings nothing major thanks alot for all of your input and help

sorry to double post and be a pain but as you no my problem how can i re-install windows xp im at a bit of a loss sorry agen

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