HI all, I wonder if you can help me at all. Today I changed the system battery to an Asus laptop, which had to be taken apart completely. I changed the battery and put it back together and everything was working ok. Now, when I switched it back on I heard 3 beeps (1 short and 2 long). I had a look online and apparently people say it is to signify a video problem. I have restarted the laptop a few times and only once I had a video problem, teh screen was flickering a bit near the 4 corners, that's it, after that the video seemed ok at every restart. After watching a couple of videos online I came to realize that my beeps are not as loud as they should be (take this video for the sake of argument http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atzg6oJtMpA here you definitely hear them whereas mine are barely audible, you have to be very close to the laptop to hear them). So now I wonder, is there a problem with my machine or not?!

Ah sorry, here's an update: if I restart the machine then I get the 3 beeps above, but if I switch it off and then on again I only get 2 short beeps

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My guess is that you didn't quite put it back together correctly. That said, if it works... :-) Anyway, dis-assembling laptops is not always a job for amateurs. I'm a professional, and sometimes they don't like to get back together like they should. :-) Then there is my grandson, who can take any bit of gear apart, reassemble it (often into something quite different), and it always works!


Asus? Likely AMI BIOS, then. Here is a list of AMI beep codes: http://www.bioscentral.com/beepcodes/amibeep.htm
1L2S is a vid BIOS problem, 2S is RAM. Hmmm. I'm going to guess that you disturbed your RAM block; that could be reflected in the video problem [video uses some RAM]. Open up, reseat your RAM. Ground your mitts to the chassis first, won't you? [a quick rub of your fingers on metal frame will suffice].


I will take the ram out and put it back in then, but as I said, the beeps don't sound like real beeps, as mentioned, you can barely hear them if you get very close to the laptop itself, it's not like a distinctive beep like the one you can hear in the video I posted. If it was like that, I wouldn't have any doubt that something is wrong, but the beeps I hear, are weird...and then as said, the beeps change, if I restart the machine (1Long 2Short)or if I switch it on again (2short). I'd record the beeps and post them here but chances are you won't hear them.

@rubberman: I appreciate that, I am not an engineer no, but I like to take apart machines and reassemble them when I have some time, kind of hobby. The laptop works fine, just these beeps at the beginning...

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