any software for booting the laptop fast

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Try out these steps.
-Clean Out Programs that Launch at Startup
-Delay Windows Services That Run at Startup.
-Change Your Boot Menu's Timeout Values.
-Disable Unused Hardware,
-Keep Your Antivirus Running and Up to Date.
-Upgrade Your RAM.
-Give Your Computer a Static IP.

It is not about the programs that can boot your laptop faster,but what is in your start up as can check from all program when press on if the start up programs are like a lot and can delete what is not essential for your laptop when start up. I recommend the Antivirus,Firewall,and Antispy programs will be the only three programs that start up once you press on the turn on button. I hope that help and can always check the device manager when restart your laptop as can show the programs at service that run when laptop is on to know what programs to stop fro working while turn it on.

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