Dell inspirions windows 8, I am not able to open Web pages on Desk top, I have to go to Bing APP to get on Web of any kind, Because when I click on an Desk top icon, if Im lucky the page will load, or try to load, some times it loads but freezes, And when it don't Fullie load the parts of page that does load freezes before the whole page load, I can't seem to find the problem. I have done every thing possible that I can I have did the scan cleaner, I use AVG and have done every thing that's on AVG pages, Mcafee don't even help. I don't under stand Bought 3 months ago, But can't get any real help besides me haven to do all the problem solven, same thing with the Busy Blue Circle around the flickering curser, No help unless you pay out the nose for some one to get on laptop and mess it up worser.

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Download Mbam and run a full scan with it and get it to remove all it finds then post it's resulting log here in this thread.
Mbam is easily found with google.


" AVG and have done every thing that's on AVG pages, Mcafee don't even help. " I hope you do not have two active AV services.
You need to spot the process using up the CPU time. TM process window may help, if you can access it after the freeze.
Or M$ Technet's Process Monitor. It looks daunting, but is easy to learn to use to advantage.
We would need to have a list of your installed softwares to be able to help. Perhaps you could present a log from OTL?
==Download OTL from http://oldtimer.geekstogo.com/OTL.exe to your Desktop.

  • Double click on the icon to start the application.
  • Press Scan All Users, Minimal Output, Standard Registry ALL, check both LOP and Purity boxes, leave other sections as they are.
  • Under the Custom Scan box paste this in:


  • Press Run Scan.
    The scan will take maybe 5 minutes; 2 notepads will present [saved to the place from where you ran OTL.exe] - please post both.

Another method of tracking down the problem might be to use msconfig. Go to Services tab, hide all the M$ service, disable the remainder, and restart. If no problems [apart from missing services], recheck some, and restart. And so on.

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