Windows will not boot, i had a website open all night and tonight i opened it and clicked back and it started flickering and then i manually shut the computer down...or pretty much just restarted it with the when i restart it it says....verifying DMI pool data...

any help is appreciated...


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Your computer cannot find its boot files. This could be due to several factors...perhaps a corrupt master boot record. Here's what to do to solve your problem:

Verify a few things before going onto my steps:

  1. Verify that in BIOS you are set to autodetect for your hard drive
  2. Verify that no CD or floppy are in your computer and that your boot order is set to boot off of hard disk first
  3. Make sure there are no loose connections on hardware anywhere
  4. Try resetting your CMOS using your motherboard manual or if you don't have that...unplug your computer from the wall, pop out your BIOS battery for about 15 seconds, put it back in and then plug the computer back in. That will reset it. See if it boots up now.

After verifying the above, continue on...

  1. boot from a floppy ( and make it the same OS you use.
  2. Next at the prompt type > sys c:
  3. Remove the diskette and reboot the computer

This should work for you...if it doesn't then you may have a corrupt hard disk. I would use partition magic to verify it's integrity OR go to the manufacturers website and they should have some diagnostic tools that you can download and run to verify the integrity of the disk. Most of the time I have seen this error, I have had to replace the hard drive. Hope you have better luck.

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