Microsoft Outlook XP 2002 or 2003 user? There's a program called Outsource-XP which is great to backup all of your Outlook information. It backs up your emails, settings, email accounts, templates, address book, etc. - just about everything you would use Outlook for! It's a really cool program if you are switching computers, reformatting, or just want to keep backups on hand. I use it and recommend it. It's made by TotalIdea and available from for about $25.

Another similar program is called the Outlook Express Backup Genie and is available at for $30. I've never tried this program but it looks promising. As opposed to Outsource-XP, this proggie backs up mail from a variety of email clients, not just Outlook. Plus, it includes an automatic scheduler so you never miss a backup. However, unlike Outsource-XP, only mail is backed up.

I also recommend Outback Plus or Eazy Backup from Both products do a thorough job of backing up your important Outlook, Internet Explorer and other important data files. Reasonable pricing too, I think.



I use Handy Backup, which has the option for the Outlook/ICQ/Registry plugin. You can backup to CD-R/DVD-R, FTP, or network (or to another directory/partition/drive), and you can encrypt your backups for added security. It has a built-in scheduler, and lots of other features.

Price is $30

I use Adolix Outlook Express Backup.

It has the same features as any tool used to backup Outlook Express and it costs only 24.95 $. Furthermore, users can backup other email clients like MS Outlook or Eudora, so it's still usable when he changes Email Clients.

It can be found at


Microsoft has a free Outlook Express backup software. Search Microsoft's web site.

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