I just build a PC, with spec:
asus p4s8x-x motherboard, Celeron 2.4GHz, 512 MB, GForce 5200, 80GB HD, DVD and CD-RW.
The problem was, after loading Windows the second time, it takes almost two minutes to load Windows, and the sound is bad; it sounds like have a lot of statics, reload sound driver a few time, and it still not work right.
Can someone help me on this one. The first time after loading Windows was great, it took almost no time to load Windows, and the bios is all update.

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I've done a quick search for your mobo and came up with zip,nata. Does this board have an onboard sound card? Did you replace your speakers? If the answer to the first question is onboard, and the second is that you are using your old speakers then the problem may be in the speakers. Try another set of speakers and if they sound the same then it is more than likely the onboard sound card. In that case you may want to return the board for a new one .
As far as the slow loading goes, you may want to add some more ram, and check your startup programs. The more programs in startup the slower the load time. Also sense you didn't say how long the system was operating before you reloaded windows, if you went on line with it you just may have picked up a bug or two. Do a virus and spyware scan and get back to us.

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