I've dealt with this error before and thought it was a rootkit that corrupted the internals... heh
turns out playing with your network settings can actually cause this error...

problem is I don't know how to fix :/

I just recently got a new 1TB HDD, and I can't run the disk management utility to partition it.

if nobody knows how to fix the RPC issue,
does anyone know of a good replacement software??

truthfully I'd love to get off using software with windows reliability and move to 3rd-party stand-alone applications. :P
so I'm actually jumping towards a decent replacement for this here. :)

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oh hello
just thought to look into my Acronis True Image utility...

sure enough, it has a partition tool =3

not only that, but you're not limited to the MBR layout...
you also have the option of using the new GPT layout =3

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