I have a solid state 500+ G HD. It's partittioned. On one side I have 125G and the other 450G. I use to log in, both sides, using Windows 7 Ultimate. I forgot my password for the 450G side. I want to remove the 450 partition so I can use the entire HD. I'm running out of space on the 125G side and have 400 G free on the other side. The side where I forgot my password.

So, How do I remove the partition withoug removing my programs on teh 125 G side. I dont care about the 450G side. I can start over BUT if I could merge the 125 & 450 Side TOGETHER, That would be ideal! to remove the partition. but...How? What do I do? I'm stuck. Please help.



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On Windows 7, open the start menu and type diskmgmt.msc and click enter. This will open the Disk Management console. Find your SSD, right click on the 450GB partition and click Delete Volume. This will make you lose everything on that partition.

It's generally not advisable (for a number of reasons) to have your entire disk drive in one partition, but if you so choose, right click on the main partition (125GB) and click Extend Volume, Next, Next, etc.

However, my advice is that you keep the 450GB partition after creating it, and put all your data there, separate from the System Partition, in case anything went wrong and you had to format the System Partition and reinstall Windows. This way, you won't lose any of your files. Right click on the (now unallocated, usually has a black bar on top, instead of blue) 450GB space and click New Volume, Next, Next, etc. You will then have a 125GB System Partition and a 450GB partition for all your data.

Alternatively, it's also possible to recover the password to the other Windows installation, if you choose to save your files before/instead of formatting the 450GB partition.

Thank you SaintAce.
I haven't been successful to remember the password. Bummer for me. Thus, I thank you for your reply. I will have to copy ALL OF MY PROGRAMS, KEYS ETC. over to the 450G side. Any suggestions or programs that you are aware of to assist me with this matter?

You can get into the 450gb partition without remembering the password:
1. Recover the forgotton password with something like http://ophcrack.sourceforge.net/ .
2. Reset the forgotton password with something like http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/ .

Generally speaking, moving your programs over isn't a good idea (paths get messed up, etc...), and I'm not sure if you would want too anyways. You can just move things like movies, music, pictures, documents and downloads to the 450gb partition, and keep your installed progrms on the 125gb side. If 125gb isn't big enough for all of your programs, then you can expand the 125gb side to something like 200gb, and your other stuff at 375gb.

There's nothing wrong with having one big partition for everything though. The only problem with that is if you want to format the partition - then you need to have an external backup.

FreeFileSync is a nice program for copying over a large number of files.

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