I downloaded the software for my Canon printer which is networked with my cptr and my wife's. The printer software loaded and installed, but the printer driver fails to install. I've tried installing driver before software and software before driver, but the driver install fails each time. Any ideas as to why?



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It sounds to me rather like the printer driver that is installed, but is not the one you are trying to install. If you have a printer connected and then turn on the computer it may well actually install a mictrosoft generic printer driver (unless the canon one is already installed) In this case it then will not accept the canon driver as it al$ready has a driver! (This ,is especially true of usb connections.
The solution is to totally uninstall the printer and driver (from control panel) and then switch off the restore then turn off the machine, then remove the printer connections (on one or both machines depending on how the printer is actually connected. then restart computer, install driver and then connect printer. This should then autodetect and use the print driver you just installed on the clean machine!

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