A couple of weeks ago i bought a 2 gig ram card to upgrade my netbook from 1 to 2 gigs of ram. It cost $76 which i thought was fine. at the same store i bought a 3 pack of SD Cards, each 2 gigs 3 cards $20. a super deal. (Best Buy). most people know you can usually get a 2 gig SD Card for aprox $20.
Anyway, i found out that if your netbook, laptop, etc. has an SD Card slot you can use a $20 SD Card to double or even triple your memory! Just pop the card in the slot and you can dedicate as much of the card space as you want to be used as RAM. (they recomend at least 1 gig).
Just google ReadyBoost they will tell you the rest. I took my RAM card back, im trying this. If anyone knows why a RAM card is better id like to hear about it. cuz $20 compared to $76 seems sooo good!


the ram card would be faster
im using a 8gig thumb drive now for ready boots ,because i only have 1.5 gig ram with win7 ,it helps but i know ram would be faster ,but i have older comp with pc2700 ram and its to expensive

Card slots are a LOT slower than real ram. It's like using your hard drive's swap except it is on a different device. Make sure it's a class 6 card instead of a 2 or 4 so at least your card is as fast as possible.