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I am noticing when Windows comes out of sleep mode my mouse pointer does not re-appear nor function and usually have to re-start using the keyboard shortcuts. Also when I use Media Player to stream radio stations the sound is choppy for the first 30 seconds and then runs Ok. What could be causing either or both of these to happen and how can they be resolved?

Many thanks.

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Mouse issue:

Try the following:

Turn off hybrid sleep:

  • Control Panel
  • View by: Small Icons
  • Power Options
  • Change Plan Settings
  • Change advanced power settings
  • Expand "Sleep" (by clicking the "+")
  • Expand "Allow hybrid sleep" (by clicking the "+")
  • On battery: Off
  • Plugged in: Off
  • Click "Apply"
  • Click "OK"

Ensure mouse has ability to wake the computer:

  • Control Panel
  • View by: Small Icons
  • Device Manager
  • If prompted: Do you want to allow this device to make changes to the computer? Click Yes.
  • Mice and other pointing devices
  • Right-click your touchpad/mouse and select Properties
  • Click "Power Management" tab
  • Check "Allow this device to wake the computer"
  • Click "OK"

Restart your computer (may or may not be necessary).

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(effects and filters)
(synchronization of audio track)   then put to zero the synchronization of audio track but that only works on vlc media player

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Thanks guys. It seems the mouse issue has been resolved by adjusting the power settings, as suggested by cgeier. However the second issue I raised with regard to Windows Media Player 12 has still unresolved. When streaming an online radio station the audio drops in and out after the first 10 seconds and lasts for up to 30 seconds and then runs OK. While I was using XP Windows Media Player worked fine but since switching to Windows 7 this happens. There is no issues with CD, DVD or MP3/WMA playback just radio streaming. VLC Player is of no use in this instance. So any suggestions would be great to resolve this.



Does this happen only on one radio station, or all radio stations?

Check your buffering settings.

  • Open Media Player
  • If in "Now Playing" mode, click on "Go to Library".
  • Press Ctrl-M, to show menu bar (or right-click in empty menu area and select "Show menu bar".
  • Click "Tools"
  • Select "Options"

  • Click "Performance" tab

What are your settings for:

  • Connection speed?
  • Network buffering? (You can try selecting "Buffer" and entering "30"--or any number from 1-60--seconds of content)

  • Click "Network" tab

  • Which boxes are checked for "Protocols for MMS URLs"?
  • Under "Multicast streams", is "Allow the player to receive multicast streams" checked?

Additionally, if you are using a router, check the QoS (Quality of Service) settings.

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Hi cgeier

The settings for Windows Media are as follows

Under connections the "Detect Connection Speed Recommended" and "use Default Buffering" are selected. In the Network tab the following are ticked.

RTSB/UDP, RTSB/TCP and HTTP along with Allow the player to receive multicast requests. Still radio streaming drops in and out after 10 seconds and lasts for up to 30 seconds

One of the online radio stations that is affected is:
Click on the Windows Media Player link (only will work with IE, not Firefox or Chrome. Try it and see it the symptons I mention happen after 10 seconds.

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