I update my windows 8 to 8.1 from windows store it updated successfully but I see that my most of the programs that I have previously installed in windows 8( visual studio 2013, windows photo viewer, intel graphics etc. ) in not working when I try to run a program it shows that its stop working. For example when I open visual studio is show that "visual studio has stopped working" and show two option CLOSE PROGRAM or DEBUG.

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Have you tire uninstalling Visual Studio then re-installing it? VS2013 is compatible with 8.1 so re-installing should work

You'd hope that these upgrades would always go well but they don't. It's always important to have a recent backup of your data/programs before you consider any upgrade or major change to your OS.

There will be compatibility issue with VS2013 but why "windows photos viewer" is showing the same problem.

Something must have gone wrong with the upgrade.

Microsoft has a page to provide guidance on how to troubleshoot apps after an upgrade. Seems pretty useless, but take a look: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-8/what-troubleshoot-problems-app

Some people online with similar issues have reported that the 8.1 Update (not the upgrade you did, this is an update after the upgrade) have fixed some of their issues.


Im personnally not a fan of upgrades mainly because of the reason you are experiencing. With Windows, i've learned over the years that hte best approach is to wipe the system, perform a clean install of windows, re-install apps, then restore my data. i know that this doesnt solve your problem right now, but keep it in mind as a last resort.

Try to uninstall everything that is not working, re-install, then address what's left... there may be some online fixes to what issues are remanining.

commented: Agreed, I prefer wiping each upgrade +8

You remind me of not updating my Windows operating system to 8.1

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