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I have a 2010 Sony Vaio laptop...and whenever I am connected to the internet, it crashes (blue screen). I have gone on the Sony website and downloaded every and all drivers for the computer, and the problem still persists. I checked device manager and there are zero yellow exclamation points. If I leave it offline, it never crashes (left it on for 5 hours the other day and it never crashed once)...then I connect to wifi and it crashes within 5-8 minutes. Doesn't matter where I connect, whether at home, work, starbucks, etc...

Any and all help would be appreciated, as I am using my laptop for work and this makes it impossible! Thank you in advance for helping.

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What anit virus are you running? I'd do a scan with whatever you have installed AND also ue a decent online tool like Panda to do secondary check.
Its possible you have something running that is just waiting for that internet connection.
You could also turn off all of the non-essential start up programs and services and slowly work through turning them back on while connected to the internet. You may find the one that causes the crash.

I don't have any anti-virus...are there any free ones that work? We had a trojan virus about a year ago, so my brother wiped out the OS and reinstalled windows 7 and I reinstalled all of the drivers and software from the sony website. We did that last fall, and this has been happening ever since.

Maybe you can try a wifi USB donggle. The internal wifi may have some problem.

I use Comodo firewall and anti-virus. Its free and seems to do a good job. The latest version starting showing small ads intermittantly (to upgrade to pro, not ads for other products) which is a bit annoying.
I'm not sure how you'd install it with no internet access though...

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