We are operating a computer with 7. When we boot the computer up, a black screen pops up stating American Megatrends 3rd Master Hard Disk: S.M.A.R.T. Status OKK, only f8 key for BBS popup menu here,,,by pressing f8 ,nthng happens....no CMOS setup occurs by pressing any of key,,,how to open CMOS setup OR further proceesing??????????????please help me soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You need to remove the hard drive and test it on another computer with hdtune via a usb to sata adapter.
Google will easily find hdtune and sata adapters are nice and cheap these days.

with an AMI BIOS, pressing Delete a couple of times as soon as you turn on the system should get you into BIOS Setup where you can alter the CMOS data. F8 you press for the BBS popup just after drive detection; any later and it will give you the system boot options [that's because you are then in the Windows part of booting, BIOS has handed over]; later still and it is ignored.
Because you have you BIOS set so as to report briefly you do not have much time.
Rik... his hdd is Ok, SMART says so... AMI reports SMART status as a matter of course during POST. I guess his other drives are not SMART capable.

ookkkk....i also think the same regarding hard disk problem....Anyhow let's see what happens!!!!!!!!

Gerbil.....i had pressed delete key as you said, quite a few times sooner by pressing restart button ,,,but no CMOS setup occurs.....only get restricted to AMI black background screen with notification of f8 key for BBS popup menu ....nthng happen later on....

I have AMI BIOS. "Hard Disk....: S.M.A.R.T. Status OK" - i get such entries for all my hdds, it simply means that they are OK, within tolerances. Do not be concerned.
For older AMI BIOSes use F1 or F2 to enter Setup. Delete key works for me.

You have to use F2 if F8 is not working,
For me F8 is not working i hav to use F2,
or del

Can you snap the shot of it and paste it here,
so that we can understand. (no matter you capture with your cellphone)

It's seem it the problem with HDD,
Not sure, If you can put the image then after I can try with your problem/error

Clear the CMOS. Remove the CMOS battery for 30 - 60 seconds and replace. Reboot the computer.

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