My friend has Windows XP & have just bought Norton 2006 & I tried to remove the 2005 version for him ( from the control panel remove programs) but stopped it half-way & now when I try to remove it it doesn't respond (nothing opens).:eek:
I have ran registry cleaner but hasn't worked.:eek:

Please help , I feel really bad as it's not my computer.:o

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Look for the disk for norton. Here at work, when I was switching everyone from Norton to AVG (www.avgfree.com) I had to use the disk to uninstall it. Maybe that will work.


wasn't it possible to install 2006 over 2005? i mean like make an upgrade of 2005?


no. the 2005 version was installed in the computer when he bought the computer!


What gemini4 said! This usually works OK.

As an aside, I was at a Symantec tech briefing earlier this week and made a point of asking the Senior Director of Product Management about the install/uninstall issues surrounding Norton IS.

She told me that Symantec are well aware of the problems from user feedback (well duh!) and that a lot of work has gone into the forthcoming NIS 2007 product to address the issue.

This could be filed under 'well she would say that' of course, apart from the fact that having said it in front of a dozen of the most important professional reviewers of security software in Europe, if it was a big fat fib there will be a very public outing of the fact once NIS 2007 has been released and tested.

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