Just discovered PLOOP.com. Have all the folders but the bootloader file online is said to be outdated. don't know where the newes file is

hithirdwavedust commented: Just discovered a great way to redirect people to ultimate internet doom? I don't think so. +0
Re: USB Boot Solution 80 80

Just in case someone reads this thread, DO NOT TRY VISITING PLOOP.COM!!!!

Re: USB Boot Solution 80 80

Ahh, you're talking about plop, aren't you? Please, if you have a ton of threads concerning your ancient Toshiba Satellite, please put them all in the same thread.

I'll make you a deal. You prove to me that you're going to stop being so treacherously lazy about your posting and spend a little time explaining what it is you're really looking for I WILL PERSONALLY HELP YOU TO FIND A BOOTLOADER, USE PLOP AND GIVE YOU GUIDANCE ON SOME OF YOUR OTHER RANDOM QUESTIONS.

I even have a retired Toshiba Satellite that does not have the bios option to boot from usb.

Your call, the ball is in your court.

Re: USB Boot Solution 80 80

I do mean consolidate all of your threads, not just the toshiba one.

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