I opened my laptop this morning and when i powered on my laptop opened with the bios utility.
I press escape and it then logged on again with the same thing. My laptop is Asus with windows 8, I rebooted and held shift and mashed F8 to try and get into safe mode but no luck there. Can anyone help with this problem.

Were there any error messages prior to going into the BIOS Utility?

No none at
all it just opened up at bios utility

Did you change any hardware configuration like upgrade RAM or change of hard disk? That may cause it.

When in setup, reset BIOS to defaults, save and see what happens.

I made no hardware configuration changes, or changed hard disk. I did reset bios to defaults and saved but it didnt work.

Tricky. BTW, pressing F8 while in BIOS will only get you to the boot source menu.
A flat CMOS battery will put you into Setup every turn on, but from there you usually can start the OS. If you Discard changes (Esc) BIOS will run on from the NVRAM check, whereas Save changes will restart the system, naturally enough and hence BIOS runs again. Hmmm... but you're hitting Esc. A quick check... is the system time as reported by BIOS correct? And another... is BIOS recognising your drives before entering Setup?

Yes to both questions

Then I don't know... BIOS doesn't seem to reach the stage where it hands over to the boot source. I think the next step is to swap your memory out... leave just one stick, then try the other. If there is no change then perhaps try to flash BIOS - it could have corrupted... but I would definitely check the RAM sticks first.

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