I am running Windows 7 with a HP printer after a period of inactivity on my pc I have noticed sometimes that when I want to print something the link has dropped out and does not go straight to print like it does normally do but the printer spool icon shows on the task bar, then I have to restart my pc again even though I cancelled the printing on my pc, when I start up, the printer prints what I wanted to print in the first instance. Does anybody know why this is happening, I have been thinking of uninstalling the printing program and re-installing it to see if it will make any difference. With my Windows XP system this behaviour never occurred.

Thank you.

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are you using the latest driver for your printer for windows 7?

or check out HP website for the list of drivers for windows 7 for that particular printer.

i had the same issue with this last time, it turns out to be a printer driver issue.

hope it works for you.

Check whehter your Window 7 is 64bit and the HP printer driver is 32bit. If not follow the above post.

Thank you for your replies. I am not sure about the 32bit and 64bit, it seems this is causing problems in other areas like I installed Microsoft office 365 in bitand had to uninstall the previous version for the lower bit program and it seems to be working OK now. this 64 is following me around and I can't delete it, just thought you ought to know.

that is 32 bit problem

32bit (x86) and 64bit (x64) are different system infrastructures. You can only have one or the other. Having the former usually doesn't cause any of these issues, since most software is designed for 32bit by default. However if you're running 64bit infrastructure, some 32bit software will not work on your system.

This is not a recommendation to stick to 32bit, as 32bit does not allow you to have high capacity RAM. I had 6GB of RAM on 32bit Windows but only 2GB of it was usable, until I upgraded to 64bit.

As for your question, I'm personally not in favor of running systems after "periods of inactivity". I format my own computer religiously every few months, just to keep things fresh, let alone after acquiring someone else's system. So my advice is to backup everything you want off of it, then format and reinstall Windows (you may then to choose between 32bit and 64bit) and many of your problems will instantly solve themselves. Good luck.

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