please my am runing a virtual server 2012 which is my domain controller and the time keeps changing, i tryed to change the zone but it coundn't help, this have affected all my client machine that are joined to the domain. please can some body help me????

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virtual server 2012

Assuming you havent set this DC to sync with an external NTP server, are you sure the time is correct on the host machine that this VM is running on?


if the DC is not configured to sync with an external NTP server, then it assumes it has the authoritative time and because of that, the time would not change on its own. I mentioned for you to check the host server because VMs will generally take upon the time that the host server has.

have you verified the NTP settings? Did you check the system log in Event viewer? the time sync should be logged there.


were you able to solve the problem and if so, please provide the solution to benefit other future visitors...


i set both the bios and the host machine time correctly, and my problem was solved.
thank you all.

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