Hi Mates,

I have a little problem on my Win2003 Server Ent.Edition, SP2.
I use AD int the network and dns is located on the same server(local one). Standard setup with replication with another DCs (remote DCs).

My services on another server can not start due to a logon failure if the credentials are set the way user@domain. If I write the in the way domain\user it is working fine. This happens only if the local one is the only one reachable, so I guess the problem is on the DC controllers AD settings.

I think it has something to do with a compatibility settings but I cannot find any matter how to enable the user@domain settings, which are required for some applications.

Thanks for any ideas/comments

Are you still having issues with this?


yes, the issue is still present. meanwhile i rewrote all service login so they work but could be fine to know where is the conf.problem with it

thanks for any hints

Okay i'll look further into it.

First: Do you have the user logon name configured under the user account properties? Please do check that

Second: Are you trying to authenticate against a different forest? It won't work if you have a server 2008 in anywhere.

Third : What is your Global Catalog server? You have to check that.

How to add a or modify upn suffix: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc756018(WS.10).aspx


To use UPN names, you must raise your Active Directory forest functional level to Windows Server 2003, but note that raising the forest functional level to Windows Server 2003 will exclude Windows 2000 domain controllers from the domain.
This will work for you!

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