system WIN7 64 bit - MS office Excel 2013
whenever I attach an excel spreadsheet to an email either Outlook or and then try to open or work on an existing spreadsheet I get the NOT ENOUGH MEMORY...... message and I have to kill & restart excel
this has been happening now for a couple months and I have diagnosed it down to simply attaching to an email whether I send it or not, at no other time do I get the message
I have cleaned and updated my system multiple times
I have Googled for an answer but have not found anybody with this problem when attaching to emails
quite annoying to restart all the time - anyone know a solution

Hi. You would have to check your memory usage figure in Task Manager under Performance tab - the Available figure. This refers to the amount of free RAM available for processes and their data files. The memory manager will not allow this to drop too low - it always keeps a variable figure in reserve. Solution is to install more RAM.
Or is this a Virtual Memory Too Low warning? If so, you can easily increase the size of your page file to cope with the load - guides are all over the web.
The thing about email clients is this... all emails of a folder are kept in one continuous file. If you are using Inbox and have hundreds of MBs of emails in it ( I know of such people...), they all are loaded into memory. An instance of a spreadsheet software like Excel may take 80 or 100 MB of memory, plus whatever the size of your particular file... some are huge. Add that file to your email client and memory demand increases. My advice is to run your eye over the folders in your email client, and DELETE the cute kitten and Walmart presentations. There will be others - trust me on this... someone's probably pressing Send as your read this.
Oh, and use the Compact all Folders feature - it actually physically deletes the deleted files from all those folders, and rewrites the folders' files. Otherwise they remain until doomsday, and bloat. Unless you do this, your empty (might look empty, but it ain't...) Deleted Items folder will be full of the junk you no longer want. The thing is, when you delete an email from whatever folder (inbox, say), it stays in that long file, but marked, and gets copied into the Deleted items folder so you can change your mind. Empty it from there, it is still in each folder's file. Compact all to clean out the rubbish.

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