Issue: Several people here are having an issue. While working on Word Documents located on their local drives, the document becomes [Read Only] not at the start, but mid-session.

Attempt: In Word, I have gone to Options -> Trust Center -> Protected View and unchecked all boxes. I have gone to the Documents folder where the issue is, selected all documents, hit Properties and made sure "Read Only" was unchecked. The propblem persists after these attempts.

Having exhausted all the "normal" or T1 solutions I can think of, any other ideas as to why this might be occuring? Thanks!

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Are you sure these are local documents? This behavior sounds like shared documents when there is a glitch in the connection between systems.


After looking into above comment by @rubberman, these actually are documents on the server, not local. So I believe it is temporary disconnects or hiccups while the user is accessing these documents, causes them to become 'read only'? Hmm... any ideas?


No, and after further investigation it appears to happen on local files as well as server share drive documents. Is it possible the Word installation or normal.dot template is corrupt?


Local files as well as shared files? Does this happen at the same time? Are the local files on a shared directory so that others may be reading/updating the same file?

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