hi all
i removed the cmos battery after some advice given to me, now the desktop pc is completely dead :-| if i remove the battery wait a minute then re fit the power light flashes on then straight off again. any ideas?

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did you put it upside down or back to front?
if you have then your probably fried your PC

You might try going to
and read the content of that site.
Also, you will find information regarding CMOS Setup at
Suggest you go the the second site first - it contains links to other sites.
Another consideration could be your Power Supply. Although probably not directly related to your replacing the battery, the Power Supply can fail which will cause the computer to appear 'dead'.
Good Luck.

did you put it upside down or back to front?
if you have then your probably fried your PC

no i put the battery back in the same way up :-| like i have said if i leave it out for 5 mins it flashes on then goes blank again when i press the power button. could it be he power pack as suggested? suppose there is one way to find out :)

Did some reading around on the net at various sites about your problem. Mostly what I read centered around your video display card, your monitor or power supply. One thing suggested you might try, get a-hold of another monitor and try it with your computer. If it comes on and all works, it is your monitor. If it does not come on, then your problem is in the pc.
Question: Were you grounded when you removed the battery ?
If you touch the Mother Board circuits, and you were not grounded or you did not touch some metal part of your pc case to ground yourself, you could have shorted out a component with static. If you did, your computer is probably fried. But assuming you were grounded, I read, possibly, something has come loose and to reopen your case and reseat "all" your cables and cards, including memory cards. (I don't know what memory would have to do with your problem but might as well check that too). UnPlug the cables then plug back in and remove each card and reinsert it being careful not to flex the card. (Be Sure You Are Grounded When Doing This, Especially The Cards)(Don't touch the printed circuit board-Hold by edges only). It would be easy to jar something loose when removing the battery and reinstalling it. Also, check your System under Device Manager and be sure you do not have any conflicts showing up. If you do, fix the conflict. The other comment was possibly your video display card or power supply has died and needs to be replaced. Good Luck.

Did some more reading about your problem. If you are getting 'any' activity/response (at all) chances are your power supply could be okay. Seems your problem could be in your CMOS setup / a conflict in Device Manager / Video Display Card or Monitor. If you did not reenter your CMOS setup after battery change out, your problem (from what I read) is there. I would suggest trying a different monitor first. Good Luck.

i did ground myself to the pc case so hopefully no problem there.
i have checked all the cables and hey seem fine.
there is no out put at all just a quick burst of life then nothing, the fan spins for less than a second then off it goes so not the monitor or video card i think.

It is unusal to get any life at all if the Power Supply is gone, but, this sounds like what might be the problem from your last post. I think you are down to 2 options: could be the battery you bought is bad or your power supply is gone, which is not uncommon. They go out when you least expect but are real easy to replace and do not cost that much but will cost more than another battery. You might take the battery back to where you bought it, they might give you another one. If you decide to get a new Power Supply, it is best to take the one out of the case, go to a computer retailer and match it for the new one. I am not saying this will fix your problem, but, my desktop did what yours is doing and after I replaced the power supply, all worked fine.

The computer has forgotten how to use its peripherals without the battery. With some computers and peripherals, you don't even get a screen, because the computer has forgotten how to display. And it has certainly forgotten what hard disk you have.

If you have a strange video adaptor (Amdek or Microtek), you may have to install a standard video card to get the system going again.

Put the new battery in. Then turn on the computer. Hold the key your manual tells you to use to access the CMOS memory settings.

If you get to the settings screen, first try the auto configure. If that doesn't work, you might have to start over. If you still have the display and can use it, you have to set each device to the kind that is actually there. The hard disk info can usually be found on top of the drive, or by looking up the drive on the Internet.

i cant do anything with the cmos because the pc is lifeless, no fans no beeps no lights, nothing. how could i test to see if i have 'fried' the motherboard? is there any quick test?

Maybe it is not the computer...Maybe it is. First, check a few things:
Is the power cord plugged into the wall outlet and is it plugged into the back of the computer? Is the circuit breaker controlling that outlet tripped ? Try plugging in something else like a lamp, radio or what ever and see if it works: If it does, then, obviously, it is the computer. If you can sit there all day long pressing the on/off power switch and nothing happens, my guess is, your power supply is probably gone which gives you a couple of options. Option(1):Open up the case, remove the old power supply and take it to a computer retail store and match it (EXACTLY)to another new one in size, mounting and nameplate specifics. Suggest you have store employee help you find the correct one. Option(2):Check around and see how much it would cost to get your computer circuits tested. This is something that, without the proper equipment and know-how, is impossible to accomplish.
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which board you have in your system??

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