im haveing the same problem i downloded a program then i deleted it off my account but when i go to the main account on my windows 7 computer the folder is still there i move it to the trash but it comes back every cupple of minutes HELP ME i hear alot about uing f8 and safe mode but im not sure about that HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP MEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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What is "the same problem", what folder? tell the whole story...

well i didnt download the program my friend did i think its some weird program but i deleted the whole softwear from my account on my comp. but when i get on the main account the folder that came with the softwear is atill on there when i went to the site it said i had to star the program and uninstall it but its not there and when i move the folder to the trash it goes away for about 5min.

Assuming no anti-virus can remove it (I hope you do have an anti-virus) - try to delete the folder while in safe mode.

im 14 on my grandmas comp. so what will this do

Ok, try this:

  1. Restart your computer.
  2. When the computer starts you will see your computer's hardware being listed. When you see this information press a couple of times on F8 to access the boot options menu.
  3. Choose safe mode.
  4. Try to delete the folder and everything else that is connected to that software that you have installed.
  5. When you finish, restart you computer again, this time let it boot normally.

In safe mode things might look a little bit different regarding resolution, don't be alarmed. Hope that this helps.


umm yea i hit f8 and safe mode never poped up it just said what do i want to boot windows up in

umm yea i hit f8 and safe mode never poped up it just said what do i want to boot windows up in

Try restoring your machine to an earlier date. This might fix the problem. Type in System Restore into the Start Menu to get the app started.

Its worth a try anyway

umm thanks but i will try to find safe mode lol

dear sir,
unfortunately i did not get geniun windows 7. so, i need free genine windows 7 install.
ziaz ullah

no such thing ,as free and genuine ,in the same sentence

Well their might be one last resort.

Did you just deleting a folder, or uninstall the program the first time?

You might want to try and re-install the program the same way you did the first time.

Then uninstall it the correct way.

i dont know what it is though my friend got it on here and knowing him it porn

I reccomend Revo Unistall. It is a free app that not only uninstalls the selected program but then searches for left over folders and registry items and gives you the opportunity to remove these as well.

oh tell me more about this program

That is a bad link. Do a google search for free revo uninstaller.

umm thats not revo its says search elf so what do i do from there

oh ok sorry i will

so if it does remove my problem how do i remove revo program

You can uninstall Revo Uninstaller using the built in uninstaller for windows. I have also seen the program doing a self uninstall.

oh ok i will get right on it

ok love revo but it couldnt remove that folder with all the information in it anyother sugestions

If revo couldn't remove it do it manually. If something prevents you from doing this check out another favorite freebie of mine: Unlocker

how do i find safe mode on an asus computer tower

how do i find safe mode on an asus computer tower

As long as you are running Windows, entering safe mode has only way (computer build doesnt matter) and that is by pressing the F8 key right after POST. Or keep pressing F8 right after the splash screen. Once you do that, you should get a list and at the top of the list is Safe Mode.

Good luck

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