I’m looking for a programming language that will: 1. Automate desk top processes running under Windows XP, like clearing the recycle bin & clearing recently accessed documents-programs under ‘Customize Classic Start Menu’, & 2. Open a Corel Paintshop program, run that program’s procedures & options, like optimizing photos, save the files & close the program.

Years ago I looked into using Visual Basic to do something similar; but, back then, best I could ascertain, VB would only open, close & operate programs specifically designed to work under VB.

Something that will automate creating the script would be a major plus.

One possibility I’m considering is Python, but would rather learn first if it will do the jobs I’ve outlined above before I take the time to dwell into it & learn all the syntax & code.

Any help at all will be greatly appreciated.

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Scheduled Tasks under tools does a lot by itself but there are a lot of prewritten scripts and batch files out there and you can put in startup folder to run in login or use local gpo to control a lot of the operations your wanting.


You can automate CCleaner. (Some shareware software) to clean the systems temp files etc...

CCleaner.exe /AUTO runs it silently using the current options.

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Corel .. Paintshop? It depends upon its commandline functions, whether it actually accepts commands with parameters. You could use a macro to repeat set tasks, but can you start Coreldrw with a commandline, executing a macro as a parameter? All programs [executables] will start with a commandline, but what is available to execute at that time depends on the program.
"VB would only open, close & operate programs specifically designed to work under VB." Depends upon the program, as mentioned before.

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