We are building a mission critical application in OneNote 2013 and I want to develop a backup methodology that lets me restore from a few days back in case we discover a corruption.

I changed the option 'Number of backup copies to keep' to 10, then have it set to back up every day.

Under my backup folder path it created subfolders '15.0/Backup' which then contains folder for each of my notebooks. I can see recent additions to some of the folders so the backup does seem to be saving changes daily, but it is not separating them into separate folders for each day.

Is there a way to set up OneNote backup so that each day it creates a separate backup such that I could go back 3 days and get the state of all notebooks without changes made more recently than 3 days ago?


Some variant I would recommend you to use: https://www.repairtoolbox.com/onenoterepair.html OneNote Repair Toolbox or guide below...

  1. To the left of the section tabs, click Folder Name, where Folder Name is the name of the parent folder, and then click Deleted Pages.
  2. Click the tab of the section that contains the page you want to recover.
  3. Right-click the tab of the page you want to recover, and then click Restore on the shortcut menu.

The page is restored to its original section.

Couple unexpected ways may be found by following addresses -

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