does anyone know how do i make my toolbar to appear again? When i navigate from one forled to another, my Address and main(File Edit Tools, etc...) toolbars are missing... and i don't know why...

I assume it's IE7.

On the icon bar with the home page icon (and your browser tabs), click the TOOLS option and then select Menu Bar.

That should do it.

nope... is windows explorer...

try this might or might not work ,open mycomputer,set folder toolbars the way you want them to look, ,go to tools/folder options/view/apply to all folders ,close mycomputer and see what happens

OK . This'll then be something needing changing in the registry.

General wisdom on Google seems to be this:

Run Regedit after closing Windows Explorer. Export the entire registry soimewhere for safe keeping in case you screw up.

Navigate to
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar\Explorer

Locate the value ITBarLayout; right click on the value and delete the key.

When you reload Windows Explorer, then the registry key will be refreshed and things should behave normally.

The above mentioned key, although lying in the Internet Explorer section, apparently deals with Windows Explorer Toolbar as well.