When I started videogame on my computer, I used i3-3217U with Intel HD Graphics 4000. GPU works at 350MHz (1.05GHz with Turbo). Runned nicely on 50FPS.

When I tried passing this game to a friend, from the very installer, the game has been installed and all it's requirements have been fulfilled. Then when I started it said that the current videocard (the one of my friend's) is not sufficient to run the game. So I looked it up and she has i3-380M which has GPU that has 500MHz clock (667MHz with Turbo). This is where I get confused.

Her videocard is called Intel HD Graphics, mine is called Intel HD Graphics 4000. The game said that it's minimum requirement for videocard in Intel's line is Intel HD Graphics 3000. I compared her integrated videocard and the HD 3000 to one another and they're fairly close.

Would it possible to lie to program a little bit? To change name of videocard in it's eyes to Intel HD Graphics 3000? She would like to try this game, but it doesn't seem to work :|

I know that certain videocards work differently, but I don't think world will explode when some calls will be made differently.

try changing the resolution of the screen and try again

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