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I am having a problem with sharing appointments in my calendar using Outlook 2010 with an Exchange server.

This is a small office of only two computers. The Exchange server is being used from GoDaddy to keep the computer and cell phone synced up. The person that recieves the phone calls will set appointments on her calendar. Then she uses the share button at the top to send an email to the other person to share that appointment. when that email is opened on the other computer it will have a link that can be clicked and the appointment will be added to the calendar. All of this is working fine and has been being used in this manner for several years.

Now the problem is the computer that recieves the email to have the event put on their computer has suddenly got 4 calendars instead of just the one. When an event is shared and excepted it is going to the wrong calendar. Can anyone tell me how to either get rid of the extra 3 calendars or at least change the default calendar that the events automatically go to?

Thanks for the help.

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