It's been over a year now since XP has died and i'm feeling guilty about it.

I am very lucky to still have my 3 copies which are in the original cases with unused product keys, so I decided to install it on a desktop that i've been given from someone. To my surprise I can actually play DOS Games again, but does anyone else miss or like XP still? I've seen that airports still use them a lot and the OP is still popular in such a way. Microsoft still doesn't know that there are still users out there that are using XP on their old machines.

So what do you think?

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I Installed Windows 7 and happily buried XP. Don't miss it at all.

I see I guess XP is gone for good then?

I only run Windows on my Linux system in a virtual machine. I have a licensed copy of Windows 7, but it refuses to allow me to register it with MS which results in degraded operations. I also have XP and will install that in another VM - never had a problem with that. I think that part of the problem with Win7 is that it requires access to the BIOS flash data area to store encrypted keys, but VirtualBox doesn't support that "feature". XP isn't so picky... :-) Truth be told, I rarely have need to run Windows any longer. LibreOffice is a great substitute for MS Office (and cheap at twice the price - $0.00), and the only time I need Windows is for some more advanced scanner functions than xsane gives me on Linux. I can still access those in the Win7 VM however, so it isn't much of an issue.

I used to have a VM until my PC played up one day.

I still have XP running on an old (really old) IBM Thinkpad. I need XP because there are no newer drivers for my Plextor TV Tuner. Other than that I don't miss it. I still have an XP virtual machine if the need arises.

Yeah well I had to bring an old machine back to life it was over 7 years old. Still works all I need to do now is put an OS on the system. I could choose to opt for XP, but there is a way to turn it into a hackintosh since it supports intel chips.

@Tweak - try Linux. Cheap at twice the price, has good user interfaces, and most of the software you could want. A lot of Windows software will work in the Wine environment. I run my Sparx Enterprise Architect that way (an advanced UML software design/modeling tool).

Thanks Rubberman for the suggestion!

I've already put XP on it, but i'm going to dual boot and put linux on it.

only ever installed XP because my Win2K installation got corrupted and upgrading to XP was the only way to get the machine back without losing all my data.
Couldn't wait to upgrade it to Vista when that was released.

No, I don't miss XP. I don't see why people miss the "old things". Newer versions are more advanced and designed to replace the old. You should crave new things and stop mourning over the old. It's in the past. Learn to appreciate the better package which is Windows 10.

I don't see why people miss the "old things".

I'm hoping I'll be missed when I'm gone.

Newer versions are more advanced and designed to replace the old.

Just like my two sons.

You should crave new things and stop mourning over the old.

On this I disagree. This is why Apple is making obscene amouunts of money. They have convinced the public that they "gotta have" the latest and greatest iPhone, etc. Remember two things:

  1. Just because it's old doesn't mean it's bad (or good, depending).
  2. Just because it's new doesn't mean it's better.

And to remind you guys that the Iphone 6 when it first came out some of the phones would bend in your pockets.

Just because it's new doesn't mean it's better.

true, but in this case it's definitely the case... While XP isn't AS bad as Windows ME (which came before it, so newer was better there...) anything that came after was superior (though Vista may not have been the best choise if your hardware was marginal).

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I still have XP and love it. But I use Windows 8.1 more due to better protection & internet speed.

I'm only still using XP on an old Thinkpad because I have peripherals that are not supported on anything newer. I'm actually thinking of just replacing XP with Linux. It will probably run better on the limited RAM.

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