Hi everyone.
I've actually been a member of Daniweb for some time, but this is the first time I've asked a question. Please help if you can.
About 10 days ago I went through the online process in the Microsoft store for paying $99 and getting the upgrade from Windows 10 Home to Pro. We went right through the process, including paying by Paypal, and then something went wrong. The screen told me to go back to continue the process, or something like that, but there was no process to continue. The money has not been taken from my Paypal account, but now when I try to repeat the purchase process from the Store again, when I have entered my login information I am taken to a screen which tells me that I am buying the upgrade, and the money will be taken immediately, but then the only button that can be clicked on is Cancel.

So it appears that the system thinks I have made the upgrade, but no upgrade has occurred. I am still using Home. Any help that anyone could offer would be appreciated.

All the best.

Richard Naismith

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Richard, an obvious question but someone has to ask it: have you contacted Microsoft support about this? I would imagine they are likely to be the most able (possibly the only ones able) to fix this for you.


Thank you happygeek. I have written to them and a consultant responded quickly, saying he would get back to me shortly with a solution, but nothing further has come of it. I responded to him a few days later asking for a response, but still nothing has come of it.

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