I had a notebook(gateway), used window 7 will have a strange thing happen. I went to internet and search, but unfortunately wasn't able to find many resource about it.
If i click same application for example two notepad==> then go to desktop again, then i put my mouse cursor to notebook on taskbar. It will flash it or is unable to click the first notepad. Normal situation is if you move cursor to notepad on taskbar will let you select.
I went to internet and search about it, there was one video similar to my problem. The video show clear:

My orginally is window vista, then after upgrade to window 7 it become like that.

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I've seen this and the causes are all over the map. While you think you clearly showed the effect, the cause can be so many that no one might guess. But don't give up. It's not like there are no prior discussions about this but too many. Then you run into folk that want to think "it is doing that, it must be caused by this." With that idea out of the way we move forward.

https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/windows/en-US/ff0e1dcf-a535-4fbb-8543-de08cf55be9a/windows-81-all-windows-minimize-randomly?forum=w8itprogeneral kicks around a few ideas but I always lead with a scan for malware.

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