So i recently upgraded to windows 10, after using windows 10 for a short period of time i decided to revert back to windows 7 some of the system 32 files were lost in the process and now my computer can not load anything, it takes a long time to search for things online the theme will not change (so all websites are just white screens with text, no pictures or interactive buttons) and its just generally having problems doing anything. Even a way to get back to windows 10 would be great. Thank you for any advice in advance.

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Here's a recent thing I tried. Since 10 is now OK to run on that PC I don't have to do much to install it. I used a 2009 Sony Vaio that we plain as laptop go. The HDD had failed so I slipped in the new blank HDD. On another PC I used Microsoft's media creation tool (all these things are on the web so I won't detail it all) and then set the laptop to boot the USB stick that had 10 on it.

10 clean installed and since all worked except the WiFi on/off switch I went to Sony's site to snag and install the hotkey software.

Now I usually go deeper for more current drivers but it works and I only use it for testing with 10 so I stopped there.



If it was me I would try the following to see if it could correct the issues::

1) Boot is safe mode with command prompt and run
sfc /scannow
This will verify your system files are there and properly installed.

2) Use an app like CCleaner to scan the registery and remove bad entries and missing file links. Also will scan and remove tmp files.

3) Run a chkdsk to fix errors on the primary drive. You will have to go through a reboot to run the scan so you can give chkdsk unrestricted accesss to the drive.

4) Defrag the primarty drive.

If those don't at least improve the operation then let us know.


yeah, create an installation DVD or USB pen drive using the media creation tool.
Then (or while doing that, it takes a while) save all your data and stuff you want to retain from the old PC to an external hard drive.
When both are done, put in the installation media and reboot from that, do a clean install.

Finally install your software again, put back your data, and Bob's your uncle.

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