window 10 is good OR NOT

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Folks are divided on this. Here 10 worked better that 7 on my son's old Sony (circa 2009 model.) So that was a nice surprise.

Some still feel lost so there's that. For me I have to support from about XP to 10 and some embedded no OS apps so here I am used to the cheese moving.

I like it

From my experience thus far, Windows 10 is fine on a desktop, but frustrating on a tablet. In particular, the Edge browser is too incomplete to be usable at this point, and I use my tablet largely for browsing the web.

No proprietary operating system can be "good" since you have no way to know what they are doing with your data/information. Windows 10 is especially egregious in this regard. They own you, and your data. They can download it, sell it, do with it what they want. I will only run Windows systems in a sandboxed VM on an enterprise class Linux system. They don't get ANYTHING I don't want them to!

thanks all for such infomation,,,,

Windows 10 is fine. Use it on 5 PCs and my phone. Edge could use some more functionality, true, but it's extremely fast and light weight, making it very good for just browsing especially on resource starved systems where firefox or chrome are just too heavy, take up too much RAM and too many CPU cycles.

Starting with Build 10565, Windows 10 will display ads in the start menu. Microsoft is calling them "suggested apps" rather than ads, but ads is what they are. It is currently enabled only for those running the Windows Insider edition.

Good? You decide.

commented: wrong, and it can be turned off... -3

Supposedly, the telemetry data gathered is used to personalize your experience and provide ads "specially tailored to you".
If windows was free, I could understand some advertising, but not for an operating system that I pay for.

no, the data is used to determine how to make the user experience better. Things like moving things closer to each other on the screen that people often use together.
Things like making buttons that are searched for frequently but require a lot of moving around with the mouse bigger or stand out better through having a different colour.

I don't know what TV is like overseas, but I recall when TV had a strict demarcation between shows and ads. You watched the show, and every 15 minutes there was a break when several ads were shown. Then at some point, somewhat unobtrusive text messages would occasionally appear at the bottom of the screen to "remind" you of upcoming shows. This got worse as the stations realized they could sell ads while the show was running. Now the bottom fifth of the screen is almost continuously being used to stream ads.

"Suggested ads" may be the thin edge of the wedge of a new trend to generate ad revenue. Time will tell. It may be opt out for now but I expect that will change. Microsoft has already shown where their priorities are when it comes to a choice between user convenience and higher profits.

Windows 10 is too good than Windows 7 or 8. It has more extra features to secure your data.

Microsoft is a company, of course they need to make a profit... If they don't, they go out of business...

If you're hell bent on not using software that's created on a profit making model, write your own and host it on an operating system you wrote yourself based on hardware you designed and built yourself from components you designed and built yourself using machines you designed and built yourself.

I have no problem with Microsoft making a profit. I also have no problem paying for Windows. In fact, I did that when I bought my laptop. I will also pay for a licence for Windows 10 if I decide to upgrade an older laptop that does not qualify for the free uppgrade (it came with Vista). What I do have a problem with is Microsoft using me as a source of ad revenue. The axiom, "if you didn't pay for the product then you are the product" is certainly true. But I paid for it.

I understand that TV networks make money from ad revenue. I also understand that they have had to increase the number and frequency of ads to replace declining revenue caused by people who would rather pay to watch shows from other sources (specialty cable, streaming, etc) that do not shove ads in their faces. Personally, I would pay extra for fewer or no ads.

Are you trying to argue that any way that microsoft can make even more money, no matter how obnoxious to the end user, is ok with you? Linux is free. Would you appreciate it if Linux users were forced to accept streaming ads under the argument that there ain't no free lunch?

Microsoft has "apologized" for the "mistake" in which a Windows Update Optiional item ("Upgrade to Windows 10") was selected by default resulting in a number of users being subjected to a massive (probably unwanted) download followed by an install. Yes, the install presents a dialog box asking for confirmation before proceeding, but I can see some users just blindly clicking "accept" without knowing what they were accepting.

Donot upgrade, how I regretted having my computer upgraded to win 10. I have all my files gone from the disc.

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Windows 10 is much better than 8 so far. So give it a try.

For mine, Windows 8 is so good for all activities.

Wndows 7 is better as it is so user friendly. Only the well handled persons can use the upgraded versions of Windows.

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