I would like to upgrade from Vista Business Service pac 2 to Win 7.
I was wondering which Win 7 I would need to purchase. I upgraded to Vista from XP can I upgrade from Vista now to Win 7. The Vista Upgrade was an express one from Dell because when I purchased the computer Vista was not out yet, it came about two months later so dell sent me the upgrade it was part of the purhcase. Any help is greatly appreciated thanks.


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Depends. you cant change between x86 (normal 32 bit) and x86_64 and you cant change, for example, from home to business edition or something

From what I understand you need to stick with your current bit (32 or 64) and if you have vista business then you need Windows 7 Professional. I just installed my upgrade today, no problems so far, and Windows 7 does use less ram.

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