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BSOD can be caused by bad drivers, failing RAM, overheating
boot the computer in safe mode and see if you are still getting the bsod
you can download memtest to check your RAM for bad sectors


BSOD can be related to any stream such as Hardware & Software. Your question is Why my computer always has blue screen problems...Jameshan......This is an open ended question I want you to be presise with BSOD error message & when it occures? If you provide this basic information then we can determine why your system gets BSOD error.

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As Charles said, there is no such answer anyone can provide why someone’s system keeps on getting blue screen errors.

At the end it does tell you whether it’s a hardware or software problem and accordingly you can work on it.

If you system is getting several blues screen errors, try to make a note of blue screen error code that starts with 0X0 and the message too if possible.

The stop error code would give us more insight and information about the issue.

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