Do you guys have had experience with RMS systems? My boss asked me purchase a software for our company. We have to manage multiple shops and online stores. I have read about few standalone applications that can manage retail operations. But I have to purchase an application that can be integrated with our online databases. Another solution is to develop our own RMS product. One of our competitor use Multiflex RMS. But I am not familiar with it. Do you guys have any suggestions?

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There are a ton of RMS and POS systems out there, most of which are from small niche software companies, so finding the right one (or a close fit) for your needs will take time. Whatever, you will want a source-code license so you can modify it to meet your actual requirements, such as easy integration with your databases.

Also, don't let a flashy UI blind you. The underlying code base is the critical part. UI's can be crafted with available tools PDQ, but transaction processing frameworks (an area I am an expert in) and secure network interfaces are critical and difficult to get right, especially for a 24x365 operation as yours probably is.

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