Hi All
It doesnt take much but i'm puzzled, all was working well with my Windows 7/ IE11 combination up until yesterday when i noticed that if i was connected to a network/internet then when clicking the IE shortcut/.exe it attempts to open but gets no further than the spinning blue circle.

Disconnected the network and tried again and both open up fine telling me i'm not connected to the internet, connect to a network and away i go.

Any ideas why when connected to a network IE wont open?
Thanks in advance

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Nope...I have also reset the internet explorer settings.


Both relates to either start IE from the Shortcut or the Exe


before opening the IE...i mean before u D-click on the shorcut.. open up task manager..
after task manager is open, open the IE.. and check whether u get a process in task manager relating to IE..
the process should be named something as ie.exe(not sure)

There will already exist a process explorer.exe...this is not im talking about..

Check whether the process for IE appears


Backup your favorites from "C:\Users\<username>\Favorites" to somewhere else. Un-install IE 11. Reboot. Then re-install IE 11.

Also run a chkdsk on your hard drive. Start => Computer => Right-click "C:" => and select "Properties", Tools => Check Now = > select both checkboxes => Start

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Have you try Firefox or Google Chrome browser whether the same thing happen. Maybe you can go to internet option and clear those cookies.

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