I have just bought a dvd+R DL 8X 8.5 GB to install OSx86.
but because I am a newbie with burning cd/dvds.
I copied the .iso file and pasted it in the dvd then I pressed "burn these files to the disk"(or at least the button was something like that).

but after searching on google for a while I realized that i have to use an ISO burner to burn my iso.
I decided hopelessly to boot the dvd but it didn't work as i predicted :'(.
Now i am very lazy to get out and buy another dvd.
anyone has tip/advice for booting this dvd or booting it from a usb flash drive?

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Hello ,and welcome to daniweb ,hope you have fun with the osx86 once you get it install ,in this link is a series of installation guides to installing osx86 ,#21 is using a usb thumb drive .remember google is you friend with all the answers on the internet

edit: i remove the links i had posted ,because after reading a bit i realized its an illegal hack of OS10

but i found them quite easily on google.

after reading a lot more i think you are in over your head[just my opinion based on the fact that you didn't even know how to burn a iso file ] in trying to do this anyway as it is complicated to get run programs and such to run on it,way to much do this and do that ,use this program to do that and this ,ect ect ,not being mean just honest ,but good luck in you journey wit hit !

Edited by caperjack: to remove link i had posted


also just wanted to mention that i think a duel layer dvd was overkill for the iso ,how big in bytes is the iso file

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