gday dont know if this is the right area to post this im building a linux based system pref ubuntu and use it for virtual os use like windows 8 ten etc plus xp get a lot of customers that still use xp i do a lot virus and malware removel from customers hd drives but get some who need to be accessed remotely because they live and work on remote properties- can a virtual os still use goto my pc remotely our does it have to be from a actual non virtual os plus im learning to use virtual operating systems so i need all the info and help i can get yours sincerely stephen

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You can use your virtual machine(s) to access external systems without difficulty. I do this frequently. I do like VirtualBox as a virtual machine manager since it allows me to make snapshots of a VM so that if it gets a virus or some such it won't infect the host OS and is simple to roll back to the pre-virus state.

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