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A good way to avoid it in the future is to use cloud services like Google Docs.

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hmmmm.....Maybe you can try this very article...I used it ones. Works pretty well, but you can look for something better

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jumped right in with the online file repair spam huh, without reading the actual question. nice.
The OP has no file saved. How will this help?

Thanks for that rproffitt. It is going to save me a decent amount of hassle in the future :). Also lately I have been using google docs for more and more texts that I write. Online access, quick synchronization works well, although its less featured than standalone.


I think in this condition you should go to "C:\Users\account_name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft" and find the MS-Word. Find some .tmp file and rename their extension to .doc or .docx and try to open them.

Remember you need to copy that .tmp file to other location then rename this.

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