Accidentally downloaded an update for adobe flash. Moments later, Bytefence installed itself onto my laptop, as well as an app called 'weatherbuddy'. My browser was also hijacked by Palikan. Finally, I was able to restore my default browser and I installed Malwarebytes and ESET. Both had found and deleted files relating to these apps, but they are still running in the background and appear on my taskbar icon tray but cannot be found in the control panel. Thanks for your help!

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See here to get started (Bleeping Computer Palikan removal guide)

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See here to get started (Bleeping Computer Palikan removal guide)

Guide by happygeek is very useful. I will add that with hijacking malware, you do need to run the scans a couple of times and to at least one solid PC restart. Using Malware, Hitman pro, adw cleaner and anti-virus of your choice usually will do the job well. After following the guide my additional advice would be to be very careful with

I would try to to reformat the machine with a fresh copy of windows, if possible, or reset the computer to the factory settings. That is the only sure way to get rid of infections.

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