Hello all.

I am using Windows XP Home Edition and I have a password set for my profile which is a Computer Administrator.

I have a 15 year old son who I do not want to log in under my user profile or his (for the problems he has been having with school), yet he will start the computer in Safe Mode and disable the password and continue to get on.

Is there a way to set a password when safe mode is started or does he just win this situation?

Thanks and hope this is the correct forum to ask.


XP home passwords. When you install xp a specilal Computer Administrator profile is created with a default blank password [hit <enter>]. When you create a profile with administrator privileges you have the same privs as the original CA. You have passworded your profile, now go into safe mode which is the only? way to access that CA profile now, log in as the Computer Administrator, and give it a password also. And if you forget it ever, you will be faced with a reinstallation. There is no way out of that if you have SP2. So write it on the inside of your wardrobe door. Wherever.
And then set dear lad up as a user.

also you can set password in your BIOS, in such a way your son won't be able to boot comp at all.

Never say never,there is a way to gain access with password protected systems.I know i get them here in my shop with Bios and OS password protection.doesn't keep me out.there is a program called first screen lock it works very well.about the only real way to keep him out is a standalone app to many loop holes in the OS.if he has any computer savy he can and will figure it out escpecially if he has friends in the know.

Thank you all for your input. I will try all these ways and see if he is still getting around them.

You all were very helpful and thank you for a great experience with this help request.

To remove the password for your bios, you would then reset the bios usually with a jumper. Secondly they make bootable Linux cd's that have password removers. As stated, there are ways around everything. Passwords just keep honest people honest.

LOL ain't that the truth Tezdoll.

people kinda freak out after they remember there system is password protected and call and i have already cleared it.

That is like a WEP and WPA network security WEP can now be accessed in under a minute.

and encrypted files? how do they fare? I mean, if you use a real password like "i bought my dog as a black puppy in may" or "I first saw Chicago on a calm spring day" no brute forcer is ever going to crack those...

There are software out there (mostly for forensics) that have the ability to take care of those. One program that i am speaking about is called ACCESS DATA (www.accessdata.com) and they have a program called DNA which allows multiple computers to "open" the same file by working together.