I have a serious problem with my new laptop i have installed clean copy of windows 7 on in and it runs okay but now i cannot connect it to the internet without drivers i tried so many things but no help please if you have any method how i can connect to the internet and install the drivers somehow. I have tried the following:

  • With internet cable pluged into the laptop (drivers requered)
  • USB Stick (Windows cant read the USB, drivers required)
  • Reinstalled the windows 3 times (Doesn't helped)
  • Tried with my phone to connect to the internet (drivers cannot be found)
  • Troubleshoot (Windows could not find a driver for your network adapter, Search Online?)

Please help, how then i can install that drivers when i cannot connect anything on the laptop?

Since no make and model, for now you call the maker and ask what drivers and in what order to install them as it can matter.

On some laptops you must install a helper app to turn on/off WiFi, Ethernet and more.

I respect everyone's privacy but please consider that without make, model numbers there's not much else to offer.

Yea i forgot that @rproffitt

HP 250 G5
Serial: CND6504630
Product: W4M66EA#ABB

Problem is solved with this solution but i was searching the easier way.

  • Thank you
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