We have a Toshiba laptop; just installed 4 gigs of RAM. Youtube video are breaking up a bit. It's a 2.01 processor. I checked and 2.8 gigs are available. Could that be just purely overhead? I was thinking when I put the RAM in it would make all the difference. When there was 2 gigs in the machine the breakup was a little worse. Any ideas?

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I did, and with Malwarebytes; did not find anything.

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I rand that as well..nothing there. It's a clean machine. Maybe I should run those things in Safemode.


Well there's your problem then! Get rid of that awful bloatware called Norton by using the Norton removal tool (google will find it) and replace it with avg free or avast free and your computer will speed up considerably.

Not only is Norton bloated, but it slows your machine right down by hogging untold resources, it is extremely poor at protecting your system and it can even hide and protect some nasties that target it.

It is THE WORST "protective" software out there right now. The only reason it sells in large numbers is because the shops that sell it get a %40 kick back on each sale. It is a badly designed and built bit of software. I would never ever have a computer with it on nor would I ever recommend it to anyone.

Take my advice and get shot of it, you will see the benefits the moment it is uninstalled, believe me!


Sounds like a plan to me. After that would you recommend that I uninstall Mozilla and reinstall to get rid of whatever adware has attached itself to Firefox?


Mbam should be able to clear that up. If not, post a HiJackThis log, google will easily find HJT.

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