The computer new setup win7 ultimate 64 bit and add a network drive and create a shortcut for the desktop (create shortcut), each time you run the application right click on the shortcut and select Run as administrator new application run if double click directly If the shortcut of the application icon does not run, if you right click on the shortcut select Properties tab select "Compatibility" features running "Run this program in compatibility mode for" and "Run this program as administrator" blurred (grayed out), how to do ? For these features are not blurred ?

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I can't know your Windows settings. With UAC turned off, it does grey out.

see this posting

As to not running, that's for the app's author to fix.

I want UAC turned on, what do I do ?

@dontrien. If it was me I'd do my research on Google about how to turn it on. There are plenty of articles on this subject.

me also try enabled UAC on or UAC off, but that did not change what, do not know this error ?

At this point more would have to be known. My bet is you set this up before and have forgotten a step. I can't retrace those steps for you but try to work with what you do reveal.

For example, some of those items do not show for all user types. Be sure the account you are using is an administrator for starters.

create the network drive using your credentials and not run as administrator these are two different tokens

net use * \server\share /user: /savecred

I tried your way, if you restart your computer, win7 does not remember user/pass

Which is how I recall it. If you connect to a share as another user+password than what you logged into then it fails to remember. This is not the same as SQL which is a totally different issue.

Microsoft has an entire section, maybe more on Windows Server Administration about shares, names, and more so I can't duplicate that here but if you login as JohnnyBeGood then your shares need to be on the server with rights for JohnnyBeGood. Otherwise you have to work hard with a batch file to connect each time.

Now if you enable the Guest account on the server, well, as an old hand you know what happens next.

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